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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

View Private Instagram Account Photos WITHOUT VERIFICATION 2020

View Private Instagram Account Photos WITHOUT VERIFICATION/SURVEY 2020
View private Instagram account photos

You want to see other people's Instagram photos but their private account is stopping you to do so. Don't worry I'll help you to view Instagram's private accounts very easily in 2020.

Instagram has millions of accounts but the problem is that most or 70% of the accounts are private which means you can only see 30% of Instagram users. This is because people feel safe in a private account.

Instagram's private account feature is very annoying, even I got annoyed by it many times but it happened 4-5 months back. Because now I know the way how I can prevent these private accounts and in this post, I am going to share with you the exact way.

WARNING:- Never Take a Screenshot on Instagram Learn Why?

You may want to see your friends or girlfriend's photos but unfortunately, the account is private so you became sad and came to this post. Right?


You watched some tutorials on Youtube and found that this requires human verification or surveys which are very frustrating and don't work. Right?

If yes, then you came to the right place as in this article I am gonna share with you how you can see a private Instagram account without human verification or surveys.

What is a Private Instagram Account?

First of all, what does a private Instagram account mean? A private Instagram account means that the owner of the Instagram accounts want to be safe or don't want to share his/her photos publically.

As the name suggests 'Private' This means that only the person following that account can see his/her pictures.

Any person not following his/her account cannot see those photos. He/She could only see that account's profile picture.

For Example:- 
I want to see an Instagram account named @neil (just an example) but Neil has added privacy to his account. 

Now to see Neil's Instagram account I need to follow him. So, I'll send him a follow request. If he accepts the request, then I will be able to see his photos. 

Why Instagram have Private Accounts?

The only reason for this can be people's privacy as for any company people's privacy comes first. So, to protect their privacy, to make people safe, and do not share anyone's photos worldwide, Instagram launched Private accounts.

In the back, when Instagram was new or just developed, there were no private accounts and to view private Instagram account photos you needed to follow these steps:-
  • Open Instagram
  • Click on the profile of the person's photos you want to see.
  • Click Show More option.
  • BOOM! You can now see them
Unfortunately, these steps are old and don't work today

Can You View Private Instagram Accounts Without Following

The simple and straightforward answer is NO! You can't see anyone's Instagram account photos if the account is private and you aren't following him/her. But, You can do it indirectly.

In, this post you'll learn the same process.

Private vs Public Instagram Account

Private Accounts Public Accounts
Private Instagram accounts have privacy on it and do not allow other Instagram users to see his/her photos until and unless the user follows him/her. Public Instagram accounts are those accounts in which any Instagram user can see his/her photos even without following.
Usually, personal accounts are private accounts. Usually, people who want more followers or want his/her posts to be seen by people all over the world have public Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Account Photos

Now, I know that I had made you felt bored in the first few paragraphs but don't worry here are the exact ways how you can see private Instagram account photos easily and Yes, No Bullshit!

WARNING:- Never Take a Screenshot on Instagram | Learn Why?

Here are 5 ways how you can view any Instagram private account.

5th Technique is my favorite and that's what I use.

#1 Instagram Private Account Viewer Sites

There are many Instagram private account viewer sites that will promise you to show photos or data of private Instagram account. But, most of them are Bullshit! 

They worked for many people but not me. I included this method because many people were able to do so. That's the only reason I added this method to this list. 

Here is a list of some sites that can help you see all the pictures of a private Instagram account. 

You can at least give them a try!

1. Insta Looker

Insta looker is a site that promises people to find any person's photos on Instagram even if the person has a private Instagram account. This is one of the most popular Instagram viewers. You can try this.

2.  Private Insta

Private Insta is another very popular Private Instagram Viewer. I have seen many people able to view a private Instagram account but according to me, it doesn't work. 


Istaprivate is another site that promises the same. But, the only difference is that this is the only site that worked for me but it has a very big drawback that it may take 20-30 minutes to see private Instagram account photos.

Problem With Instagram Viewer Sites

Everything is fine with Instagram Viewer Sites like this but the problem is that they do not work in most of the cases but sometimes they can. 

One another problem is that in order to see Instagram photos of that private account, you either need to verify yourself human or pass a survey which takes a lot of time. 

In human verification, it will ask you to install 2 apps and use them for 30 seconds. And these apps can take 500-600 MB to download.

And, you all know surveys are very irritating and time taking. One Survey can take up to 30 minutes.

That's the reason I don't like these kinds of sites.

#2 Make a Fake Id 

This can be very good but time taking way but it can also sometimes not work. It may work but I can't guarantee. It is not a genuine way but there is no way to see a private Instagram account in a genuine manner.

You can make a fake id, name yourself anything but make sure to make a fake girl id. There's a reason for this. 

Because whenever a girl sends a follow request no one rejects it mostly neither boys nor girls. 

WARNING:- Never Take a Screenshot on Instagram Learn Why?

In your new fake account, make sure to add these things to your account so that your account does not get declined. 
  • Set a girl's photo as your profile photo. 
  • Post some other girl's photos.
  • Write a descent description
  • Set your account private because this can make the person feel you are a descent girl not like a scammer. This can also make the person curious to see your photos and for this, she/he needs to approve your request.
  • If you get declined, then send a cute simple private message that you want to be her/his friend. (Remember message like a girl) Don't be spammy. Try to look real and genuine. You can also try this before sending a follow request. Just find the person's email id or Facebook. 
The best thing about this is that you don't need to fill any surveys or prove yourself human by downloading 3rd party apps.

One more benefit is that this is a permanent solution! 

#3 Search the person's username on Google

This may work if the person had shared his/her photos somewhere else without privacy. This only works with people having some more popularity. And, it will not work in most of the cases. 

You can also try this. This will take a few minutes only.  Just search for the person's username on Google images and see that you found the photos or not.

#4 See an Instagram Private Account Photos through a Friend

Well, this might be quite easy but it may be hard to find the person who follows the person you want to see pictures of. 

You just need to find a person who follows the person you want to view photos of and ask him/her to show the person's pictures.

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#5 Treat Your Friend Like a Kid

Well, that's the way I use to spy on my friend's private Instagram account. By the way what does 
Treat Your Friend Like a Kid means? It simply means that treat the person you want to follow like a kid (something that his/her mom would do)

Let's see what to do!
Install apps like Kid Guard Pro, that's what I use to view Instagram private photos. This app is primarily used for kids but it can easily be used on your friend's phone. 

Just ask your friend to give him your phone for a while and then install this app and start this app. This will show you all the data the person (your friend) was visiting and then you can see the data of Instagram that what he/she was doing on Instagram, what he/she posted on Instagram, etc.

Kids Guard Pro Dashboard
My kid's guard pro dashboard

I have installed this app on 4-5 of my friends and now I am able to see all their activities on Instagram. 

Not just Instagram you can use it to see his/her activities on other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.

This app is awesome, it's been half a year till I am using this app. I will also suggest you use it as this app is superb to track your friends.

One major con of this is that this app is paid! you may need to spend a couple of bucks to access this app but according to me, it deserves it.

NOTE:- I am suggesting this app because it worked for me, not for the sake of affiliate incomes. Nor I have added an affiliate link.

If you want a free alternative then you can search for other apps that can help you to view Instagram's private accounts. You can find a small list of these spy on kid's apps here.
Social media, girl happy to see her laptop

Hopefully, now you have seen your friend's private pictures on Instagram and all these 5 ways helped you.

So, Now all the ways I found to view private Instagram photos have ended, I could only find these 5 ways. You can also look for new ways if you find them, then please comment down below so that I could share that way with thousands of people who want to view private Instagram profiles.

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