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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How to Delete Twitter Account Step by Step Guide with Images 2019

How to Delete twitter account in 2019
Delete Twitter account permanently in less than a minute by the steps, I am going to tell you in this step by step guide with images on how to delete twitter account permanently in 2019. There are images also included with the guide so that you can easily understand how you can delete twitter account easily.

How to delete Twitter account 

Here are 5 simple steps to delete or deactivate your twitter account on your android phone, follow these steps to delete your twitter account permanently. 
  •  Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  • After logging in, tap on your profile icon.
  • Click on the 'Settings and Privacy' option just above log out option.
  • At the bottom, you will find an option called 'Deactivate my account' Tap on it!
  • Now  Tap the "Deactivate 'Your username' " button at the bottom. 
  • Enter your account password in the box that appears.
  • Now, tap on 'Deactivate account'
  • You have to wait for 30 days to delete your account permanently, you can undo the deactivation in these 30-days. 

With more than 330 million active Twitter users, Twitter has now become a very essential market component in the field of social media. It can be useful, informative, and uplifting at times. But if you want to delete your Twitter Account permanently because of some reason then it’s ok. Here is a full guide for you.

The good news is that it’s very simple to shut your account down. What’s more, the site offers a grace period for reactivating your profile. So if you have a change of heart within 30 days, you can restore your account. However, once that’s over, it’s gone forever.

How To Delete My Twitter Account Permanently on Android

Here is how you can delete twitter account permanently on your android phone in 2019. If you want to delete/deactivate your twitter account then you can follow these steps, if you have a Twitter app installed, then you can read the below paragraph but if you use Twitter on Browser like chrome, then you can click here. Here is a short video if you want to get to know with live tutorial: 

How to delete Twitter Account on Android mobile app

If you have a twitter app installed on your android phone, then you can follow these steps to permanently delete your Twitter account on the Twitter app.

  • Open the Twitter app and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your profile icon at the top left side, just near the 'Home' icon.
  • Now, Tap the Settings and Privacy option at the bottom.
    Twitter Settings and Privacy Option
    Twitter settings and privacy

  • Press the Account option at the top of the page, just below your username.

  • Now Press on Deactivate your account option at the bottom.
    Twitter Deactivate account option

  • On the bottom of the page, you can simply press on Deactivate to deactivate your account.
    Twitter Deactivate account option

  • It will ask you to re-enter your account password to ensure it's you, After typing the password simply press on Deactivate option. 

  • How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently on Twitter Website Android

    Here are the steps which you can follow to deactivate or delete your Twitter account on the official Twitter website with your Android phone. If you want a live video tutorial, then here is a video on How to delete account on the Twitter web: 
    Follow these steps to Delete Twitter Account on Android phone on the Twitter website:

    • Open the Twitter website on your android phone's chrome browser and Log in to your account.
    • Tap on the More details icon or the three dots at the top right side. 
      Google Chrome More options Three dots

  • Tap on the Request Desktop site option, the desktop version of Twitter will appear.
    Google Chrome More options Request Desktop site
  • Delete or erase the existing URL ie, Now, type at the URL Box.
    Twitter Google Search google search
  • Now, Press your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Here tap the Settings and Privacy option.
  • Scroll Down and at the bottom, you will find an option of Deactivate my account, press on the option.
  • Tap on Deactivate @yourusername.
  • Type in your account password again.
  • As I earlier said, You have to wait for 30 days and after 30 days your twitter account will get permanently deleted.

  • How to Delete Twitter Account from iPhone or IOS

    Delete Twitter account on iPhone or IOS: Here is how you can delete a Twitter account on your iPhone or IOS Mobile. Follow these quick steps to permanently delete your Twitter account:
    • Open the Twitter app on your IOS device and Login To your twitter account.
    • Slide your finger to the right to access the main menu.
    • Tap  on Settings and Privacy option
    • Select the Account option just under your Twitter handle.
    • Now go to the bottom of the page by scrolling down, there you will find an option to Deactivate your account, Tap on the option!
    • Here at the bottom, you will found an option of DEACTIVATE written in red color, tap on that option.
    • Now, Twitter will ask you to enter your account password, type in your password and then tap on DEACTIVATE

    How to Delete Twitter Account without Password

    If we deactivate/delete our twitter account, then we need to type account's password, Is there any way to Delete a Twitter account without password?, Then the answer is no, you can change your password by simply going to your Twitter account settings, then at the password option.

    Why Password is required while Deleting a Twitter account?

    The reason behind this is simple, to verify it's your account Twitter asks to type the password. Twitter asks this for security purposes. Deleting a Twitter account can lose all your data means if someone else on your PC or phone, try to delete your account, then he/she cannot do that until and unless he/she knows your password. 

     How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently?

    Once, you have done all the steps required to delete the Twitter account I told you, you need to wait for 30 days. Once that's over, twitter will remove your data permanently and then you can't log in to your account. Why wait for 30 Days? 
    Because it is the period given to you, that if you change your mind to not delete your twitter account, then you can easily do so in between these 30 days. The countdown starts from the day you deactivated your account. You can easily cancel this deactivation by logging in to your account and this will reactivate your Twitter account.

    If you want the option to create a new account on Twitter with the same username or email address before the 30-days period end, then you need to switch your email to another from which no twitter account is created or need to search for a new username. 

    You can't use the same username and email address till the 30 days, after this time you can make a new account with the same email address or username.  

    Things you should Know before deactivating/deleting your twitter account

    These are some things that you should know before deleting your twitter account permanently because some times it can change your mind of leaving the world of twitter.
    • You do not need to delete your account to change your username or email address. You can change them any time in your account settings, tap on your email address and now enter the new email address, the same thing you can do with the username.
    • Once your Twitter account gets deleted,  including your display name, username, and public profile, it will no longer be viewable on, whether it is on android, ios or desktop.
    • You will lose all your followers on Twitter after your account is deleted.
    • You can restore your Twitter account after deleting till the first 30 days, after that your twitter account will get permanently deleted.
    • If you are having an account issue, then besides deactivating your account you must contact the Twitter help center.

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